With this itinerary for 8 days we will enjoy different flora and fauna Samburu, Aberdares, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara.

Tell us your preferences and we will send you the itinerary adjusted to your needs.

  • Transfers, Accommodations, Nairobi, BreakfastDay 1 Nairobi

    Jambo, welcome to Kenya !!
    One of our guides-drivers in Spanish will be waiting for your arrival at the airport of the city.If the schedule of your flight allows it, we will take course towards Masai Mara.

    If you need to rest after your flight, we will take you to a beautiful city hotel for bed and breakfast and we will start the safari the next day.

    If you are already in the city, we will organize a meeting point for one of our driver guides to pick you up to begin the adventure.
  • Transfers, Safaris, Park entrance, Guide in Spanish, Accommodation, Full board Day 2-3 Samburu

    We begin the adventure towards the nature reserve of Samburu, located in the central part of the country, north of the famous line of Ecuador, where we will stop to see the demonstrations of the Coriolis effect, where we can see how the water turns to the right or left depending on the hemisphere in which it is located. Within the Samburu area are the parks of Buffalo Springs, Laikipia, and the Shaba National Reserve. Samburu is known for the multitude of leopards, cheetahs and lions that live in the area, apart from animals that we can only see in this reserve, like reticulated giraffes, grevy zebras or giraffe antelope.

    The Samburus Warriors

    The Samburu tribe comes from a place called Pagaa, which due to drought and hunger, had to emigrate to the Samburu region. Formerly they belonged to the tribe of the Masais, but they split forming their own clan. Today they are characterized by having a very similar language, and practically the same way of life.

    Men are engaged in livestock (cows, goats, camels) and agriculture. For samburus, herds of cows are a symbol of wealth, having a sacred character, that is why they only sacrifice this animal when they are lost, or sick.

    The women are dedicated to crafts, making necklaces with figures according to their hierarchical position within the clan making each necklace unique.
  • Transfers, Safaris, Park entrance, Guide in Spanish, Accommodation, Full boardDay 4 Aberdares

    Aberdares National Park, located in the highlands in the heart of Kenya. We will arrive directly at the Aberdares Safari Club base hotel to leave your bags and enjoy a delicious lunch.

    In the afternoon, the transport of the hotel will take us doing a beautiful photo safari to The Ark Hotel, located in the interior of the Aberdares forest, where many species and wildlife inhabit.

    Upon arriving at The ark hotel, we will enjoy from its terrace unparalleled views, which give for a large salt water pond, where animals continually approach to lick salt.

    We will enjoy elephants, buffalo, and the black rhinoceros, currently in danger of extinction.

    Note: The Ark Hotel can only carry a backpack, we leave the rest of luggage in Aberdares safari Club.
  • Transfers, Safaris, Park entrance, Guide in Spanish, Accommodation, Full boardDay 5 Nakuru Lake

    Today, after breakfast, we will begin a new adventure towards Lake Nakuru. Along the way, we will enjoy the beautiful views that the Great Rift Valley offers us. We will make a stop to enjoy the Thomson Falls and we can take pictures with the famous Kikiyu warriors. Nakuru Lake is described by the American ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson as "the most fabulous bird show in the world." The park and its famous lake is the ideal habitat for minor flamingos, pink flamingos, pelicans and other species of animals, such as lions, leopards, buffalo, snail water, giraffes, baboons, hyenas and white rhinos. We enjoy an afternoon safari and if the water level allows it, a nice walk on the shore of the lake.
  • Transfers, Safaris, Park entrance, Guide in Spanish, Accommodation, Full boardDay 6-7 Masai Mara

    We continue our adventure towards the Masai Mara nature reserve, the most important and famous National Reserve in Kenya, where we will enjoy the "Big Five": buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhinoceros.

    The great herds of wildebeest, zebras and all kinds of herbivores roam the prairies of Mara and their number is increasing during the "Great Migration", which attracts a multitude of felines and scavengers in search of food to hunt! of the nature

    We will enjoy daily safaris through this magical park
  • Transfers, Guide in Spanish, Lunch at CarnivoreDay 8 Return to Nairobi

    Today after breakfast at the hotel in Masai Mara, we will do a safari in the morning before returning to Nairobi. Once in the city, we will enjoy a delicious lunch at the Carnivore restaurant. After lunch, the guide will take you to the airport to connect with the flight and end of our services. If you have booked a flight for this day, we will adapt the schedule to your flight schedule.


  • 4X4 private throughout the tour

  • Native guide in Spanish

  • Entrance fees to the mentioned parks

  • Mineral water during safaris

  • Daily safaris

  • Air ambulance insurance only rescues

  • State taxes and fees

  • Accommodation in 4 * -5 * star hotels

  • Full board